Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions

Critical Intervention Services provides a number of solutions to improve security at domestic chemical plants and facilities with potentially hazardous process operations. With over ten years of experience in assessing and developing anti-terrorism and workplace violence programs, our staff of security consultants has been working with the chemical industry to develop effective and practical solutions to reduce the risks of process sabotage and malevolent theft of chemicals.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Security vulnerability assessment
  • Threat analysis (adversary modeling, threat scenario development, etc.)
  • Performance-based, analytical evaluation and design of physical security systems
  • Blast vulnerability assessment and weapon-effects mitigation
  • Security training and program development



Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA)

As of Fall 2002, most chemical companies have begun conducting security vulnerability assessments of their RMP 1 and 2 facilities. Though guidance for conducting these assessments has been provided in the SVA methodologies developed by the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and Sandia National Laboratories, many companies lack the terrorism-specific knowledge and tools to conduct complete and accurate assessments. With over a decade of anti-terrorism and force protection experience, CIS security consultants fill this void by providing companies with expert guidance on critical issues such as threat assessment, blast and weapon effects analysis, security evaluation, and countermeasures identification.

Our approach to conducting SVAs complies 100% with the criteria established by CCPS and ACC. However, our approach improves on the existing models by employing quantitative analysis and proven evaluation tools to provide true performance-based assessment of asset vulnerability. We employ methods developed for use within the nuclear security and military force protection communities, as well as proprietary evaluation tools designed specifically for use at process facilities. Our assessments are also based on accurate and realistic design basis threats and threat scenarios--the product of decades of terrorism research and analysis.

Security Program Design and Training

Identifying vulnerabilities is only one part of developing an effective security program. CIS security consultants can assist you in minimizing risk by developing effective solutions to issues identified during the SVA. Common examples of projects include:

  • Training facility managers and security personnel in operations security (OPSEC), search and entry point screening techniques, proper response procedures for bomb threats, suspicious objects, and other security emergencies
  • Design of improved barriers and intrusion detection systems
  • Development of procedures and policies for OPSEC, access control, and response to security incidents

Our experienced team of professionals have designed and improved security programs for numerous facilities, including government buildings and military bases at risk of terrorist attack.


For more information regarding our solutions for assessing and improving the security of process facilities, contact:

Craig Gundry, CPS, CHS-III
Vice President of Special Projects

Security planners are also encouraged to download our free security publications for chemical facilities: