Uniformed Protective Services

As many clients of contract security companies discover, even the best developed security program will fail if those entrusted with its implementation are ill-suited for the assignment. As an alternative to traditional security services, the CIS Uniformed Services Division provides an effective solution for organizations that require protection officers with a high level of competence and operational capability.

The Quality Of Our Services Begins With Our Personnel.

CIS requires all uniformed protection officers to complete an intensive, two-phased screening and training process. This process exceeds the standards of every security company in the industry and ensures that CIS officers are truly the best-of-the-best.

To improve the skills of our personnel and enhance their status as professionals, CIS provides all officers with continuous in-service training in advanced security and public safety topics. This continued education includes the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) program administered by the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) and special workshops presented by the S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute. Officers assigned to the Special Services Group also receive advanced training in STOP operations, crowd control, and anti-terrorism tactics (bomb search procedures, entry point screening, mail screening, emergency response, etc.).



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Solutions-Oriented Service

Deploying security officers without effective guidance usually has little impact on controlling risk. To ensure that our officers are effective in the field, CIS conducts a detailed environmental threat assessment and client-needs analysis prior to assigning personnel to any location. Based on this initial assessment, the CIS Command Staff then works with the client to develop a deployment and operations plan that effectively addresses the situation.

In high-risk team deployments, experienced command staff provide direct supervision of all planning and field operations.

Service Innovation

As a company built on a reputation for innovation, we have implemented a number of operational and technological enhancements to maximize the effectiveness of our officers in the field. Following are some examples that distinguish CIS protection from the services provided by traditional security companies.

  • 24-hour operations and dispatch center to expedite response to emergency calls, coordinate field operations, and process activity reports
  • Detailed database (CIMATRIX) documenting information on security incidents, trespass warnings, and crime related intelligence
  • Next-day automatic reporting to clients of all pertinent activity
  • State-of-the-art radio and data communications
  • Extensive technology support for field operations, including laptop computers, video and digital camera equipment, night vision, etc.
  • Community Resource Officers to support crime prevention efforts and aid clients in developing long-term security strategies
  • Mutual Aid Clause to pool strength in emergency situations between client properties and local law enforcement
  • CIS has developed the most comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOP) manual in the contract security industry

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For service inquiries regarding CIS Uniformed Protective Services, contact:

Hector Rodriguez, CPO, EPS
Chief of Uniformed Protective Services
Email: rodrighb@cisworldservices.org