Security Consulting

When your organization is faced with complex risk management issues, the situation demands the knowledge of experts. The CIS Special Projects Staff is a team of professional consultants with a diverse range of experience in security and public safety. By employing the CIS principles of integrating proven strategies and technologies with innovative thinking, CIS consultants can develop effective solutions to your security concerns.

Our consulting team includes experts in the fields of law enforcement, corporate security management, intelligence, and force protection/anti-terrorism, with areas of specialization in:

  • Protection of people and property in escalated risk environments
  • Long-term reclamation and rehabilitation of high-crime communities
  • Protection of high-risk facilities with sensitive process operations
  • Dynamics of social disorder and violence, including threats of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction (WMD)
  • Workplace violence prevention and intervention



Risk Management

The first step in developing an effective security program is accurate analysis of the risk situation. With decades of corporate security and government protection experience, CIS consultants can assist in maximizing the benefit of your security investment by providing expert guidance on critical issues such as asset identification and valuation, threat assessment, security evaluation, and countermeasures cost-benefit analysis.

Our consultants use proven analysis and evaluation tools to provide accurate assessments of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. While working closely with your staff, we employ a range of methods including advanced computer modeling and analysis to achieve accurate and objective results. CIS consultants are also knowledgeable in the vulnerability assessment models currently used by many industry and government organizations and ensure that all assessments comply with official requirements.

Security Planning Assistance

In addition to conducting comprehensive risk assessments, CIS consultants can aid in evaluating and resolving specific issues of concern. With a full range of security expertise, our consultants frequently assist clients in addressing specialized security problems such as performance-based physical security design, development of workplace violence protocols, vulnerability analysis for chemical and biological threats, blast and weapon effects mitigation, etc.

Threat Management

Violent threats to individuals and businesses are expanding both in the US and abroad. The results of a critical incident can have life-threatening and long-ranging impacts on you and your business. Whether exposed to the risk of violence at work, at home, or while traveling, CIS can assist you in preventing and responding to the most extreme incidents. Our threat management consultants have years of experience in assessing and managing violent risks, from stalking and workplace violence to labor disputes and terrorism.

Security Training

When the protection of your assets hinges on the knowledge of your security staff, there is no substitution for high quality training. The S2 Safety & Intelligence Institute, the sister company of CIS, provides leading edge training in security issues via instructor-led multimedia presentations, interactive online training, and hands-on practical application. Our nationally recognized staff of practitioner-trainers teach courses ranging from basic security officer certification to executive-level workshops on risk management and anti-terrorism planning. In addition to our standard courses, we also develop customized training programs to address specific client needs. We have designed and presented specialized courses for numerous corporations and government agencies including the Bureau of Prisons, US Capitol Police, US Department of Justice, and the US Special Operations Command.


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For more information about our consulting and training services, contact:

Craig Gundry, CPS
Vice President of Special Projects