Remote CCTV Monitoring

As a cost-effective alternative for CCTV monitoring, the CIS Operations Center maintains the capability to monitor CCTV cameras located anywhere in the world. This service is facilitated by advanced technology that uses secure data transmission via the Internet from your cameras to our monitoring station in Clearwater, Florida. When suspicious activity is observed, our monitoring personnel can capture the event as digital video and initiate a pre-determined response. The captured video can be emailed instantly to the client anywhere in the world. If the client is local and subscribes to our patrol service, the video imagery is sent directly to the laptop computer in our responding patrol car.



Two-way Communication

Utilizing sophisticated motion detection and integrated alarm parameters, live video is transmitted to our highly trained technicians who make educated decisions based on viewed activity and customer guidelines. Through two-way audio communication, technicians are able to warn unauthorized visitors that the proper authorities have been notified.

Security Patrol Response

The video event is archived while monitoring personnel notify private security patrols, law enforcement or customer contacts, if necessary, for effective response to the situation.


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