Investigations & Intelligence

Due Diligence Investigations

CIS aids clients in managing the risks of new investments and mergers and acquisitions by thoroughly screening potential business partners and target companies for signs of impropriety, misrepresentation, and other possible "deal-breakers". Our team of corporate investigative analysts can assist in determining the credibility of target companies and key executives through detailed investigation and assessment of criminal, civil, and financial histories. Our investigators can also assist in resolving key issues of concern through management and employee interviews, auditing of records and systems, forensic accounting, and digital forensic analysis.

Throughout the due diligence process, CIS investigators and analysts are especially attentive to confidentiality and the sensitivity of relations. Our experienced specialists know that one wrong move by an investigator can jeopardize a deal. By utilizing CIS investigative analysts, clients can be sure that critical investment and M&A decisions are based on accurate information while maintaining good relations and encouraging high enthusiasm for the deal.


Vendor Integrity

In most businesses today, reliable and ethical service by vendors is critical to maintaining sustained operations and profits. Mistakes in vendor selection and contracting can easily result in costly consequences such as lost productivity, fraud, civil liability, and damaged company image. CIS investigative analysts can aid companies in making informed vendor selection decisions by screening potential vendors for financial integrity, criminal history, work performance and capabilities, and legal history.

Background Investigations

In addition to due diligence and vendor integrity screening, CIS investigators can assist companies in screening the backgrounds of employees and contractors for indicators of criminality and potential violence. While many background investigation services only provide historical record data, our experienced investigators actively assist companies in analyzing background information to identify subtle patterns or indicators of potential problems that are often overlooked by human resources personnel.



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