Protection Officer Screening and Training

CIS requires all officers assigned to uniformed security operations to complete an intensive, two-phased screening and training process. This process exceeds the standards of every security company in the industry and ensures that CIS officers are truly the best-of-the-best.

Phase One: Initial Screening

  • Once they are pre-qualified, officer candidates are subjected to a rigorous screening process, including a full background investigation, psychological examination, personality screening, IQ test, and drug urinalysis test.

Phase Two: Field Training & Advanced Screening

  • Prior to assignment, all CIS officer candidates are required to complete 68 hours of state-mandated training, plus 80 hours of additional instruction under the supervision of experienced Field Training Officers (FTOs).
  • During the Field Training Program, the FTOs assigned to candidates carefully evaluate the recruits to ensure that they meet the CIS standard of professionalism.

Less than 6% of applicants successfully pass both phases and become CIS officers!